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Safety Committee

The purpose of the Safety Committee is to ensure the safety of students, staff and community members and document processes related to safety.

Safety Committee Meeting Dates

September 20, 2017
October 9, 2017
November 6, 2017
December 4, 2017
January 8, 2018
Cancelled – February 12, 2018
March 12, 2018
April 16, 2018

Meeting Minutes

Committee Members

Randal Johnston, Director of Facilities for Elmbrook Schools
Sandy Erdman, Administrative Assistant of Facilities for Elmbrook Schools
Cheryl Peil, Food and Nutrition Director
Lori Golomski, Benefits Coordinator for Elmbrook Schools
Mary Kaminski, Benefits Coordinator for Elmbrook Schools
Rick Domach, Facilities Manager
Julie Larose, Occupational Safety Consultant for R&R Insurance
Mike Fetting, Certified Safety Professional for SFM Work Comp
Paul Lessila, Commercial Account Executive for R&R Insurance

Workers' Compensation Information

Workers' Compensation Carrier

Workers’ Compensation Carrier

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Partnered with MedCor to provide 24-hour nurse triage services
Website: https://www.sfmic.com