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Top 10 Reasons to Work in Elmbrook

1. We are Elmbrook!
Elmbrook has been recognized as one of the highest achieving school districts in the State of Wisconsin by various organizations and publications including Forbes, Newsweek, Washington Post, MacIver Institute and others.

2. We are committed to your development.
Elmbrook has established a professional development model for teachers to learn and grow as an individual, a team and an entire system. Additionally, through the curriculum renewal and design process, the district remains committed to infusing innovation into each area of instruction through regular curriculum improvements and changes.

3. We are committed to innovation.
As a member of the Elmbrook Team, you will be encouraged to take smart risks to meet the needs of all students. You and your students will have access to the latest personal and classroom technology, modern classroom designs, and support resources dedicated to your success.

4. We are a great place to work!
Elmbrook has a wide range of benefits for their employees and is recognized as a destination employer throughout the region. We remain committed to providing the culture and climate that allows you to flourish as a staff member.

5. We welcome employee leadership.
Elmbrook continues to define and refine career pathways and ladders for our employees to influence and inform the district through leadership positions. Through our mentoring program, department chairs, ad hoc committees, and school-based positions and processes, the district encourages staff to become engaged in the important work of school improvement.

6. We are committed to your compensation.
Elmbrook maintains a compensation system that places it at or near the top of compensation regardless of employee category. A strategic plan goal of maintaining the top quartile salary will provide necessary focus on this for years to come.

7. We are committed to improving the lives of others.
Employees know that they are part of a greater mission to educate and inspire every student to think, to learn and to succeed as we help students and parents realize their dreams.

8. We recognize and reward performance excellence.
Employee recognition systems at the district and school level provide our staff with meaningful acknowledgment of performance that goes above and beyond!

9. We are committed to focusing on teaching and learning.
Whether it is the amazing school buildings or the low costs to our non-instructional areas, Elmbrook remains committed to placing the highest priority to our classroom needs.

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