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Daniel Scott

You can rest easy this post is in fact legit. We are well underway with our cybersecurity training and I am happy to report that staff are engaging and overall the feedback has been positive.  In time, this training will make a difference in your cybersecurity knowledge and how we approach cybersecurity as a system.  

Now, I like email as much as the next person, but emails have a time and a place which is why the Technology Team is starting this blog.  Updates here will be included in the District monthly newsletter.  However, If you are interested in more frequent updates make sure you click the "Alerts" icon in the upper right corner to subscribe to more frequent updates.  

Back to the original question,  "Is this Legit?". Since everyone is becoming an expert, it's important to that experts have access to the necessary tools.  One tool in your toolkit is PhishNotify.  PhishNotify allows you to submit emails that might be phishing emails. When you submit an email a member of InfoSec's security team will review the email and will notifys district technology staff if action needs to be taken. 

So, next time you are wondering if an email is legit or not look for the PhishNotify icon on the right of your Gmail Inbox. Open the phishy looking email and submit it for review,  it's that simple.

Happy Phishing and click safe.