2020-21 Health Risk Assessment & Shoo the Flu

Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

  • Health plan members, employee and spouse, are required to complete the HRA questionnaire and biometric screening to be eligible for premium co-pay incentive ($60/month per member and spouse).  
  • Deadline October 10, 2020: Complete Online Questionnaire and Appointment Scheduling
  • Planning to join the Health Plan as a NEW member (employee and/or spouse) in 2021? Email Lori Golomski (golomskL@elmbrookschools.org) for an appointment and paper survey--do not follow online instructions.
  • Members who live or travel outside of the area or third shift employees may contact Lori Golomski (golomskL@elmbrookschools.org) for alternate instructions.
  • Dates for the HRA Biometric Events will run October 12 through 24, 2020.  Two Saturdays, October 17th and 24th will be available this year. 
  • Location for ALL HRA Biometric Events: Elmbrook Hillside Building, 2250 N. Lynette Lane, Brookfield.  
  • Shoo the Flu clinics will be offered at Biometric Events for HRA participants only. (Employees & Health Plan Members, please see flu shot info below.)
  • See full details, schedule and online instructions linked below. 
  • Required Follow-Up Visits at Elmbrook Schools Wellness Center, 262-214-1101:
    • New to the health plan or never had a follow-up visit in the past – At least 1 visit.
    • 0 Health Risks – No follow-up visit required, however you are welcome to schedule to review your results.
    • 1 Health Risk – 1 follow-up visit required January-June 2021.
    • 2 or More Health Risks – 2 follow-up visits required, 3 months apart, January-March and April-June 2021.

Shoo the Flu Clinics

  • Flu shots are available at no cost to ALL employee and health plan members.  Non-HRA participants call the Wellness Center at 262-214-1101 for an appointment.  
  • After-school clinics will be available by appointment at the Wellness Center and reported in "Total Employee Rewards" eNews and website
  • Shoo the Flu clinics will be offered at the Biometric Events for HRA participants only.  
  • Authorization forms will be available in advance for completion prior to arrival.