The Wellness Center's last Shoo the Flu Clinic is October 20th from 4:30pm - 6:30pm. These clinics are available to all employees. It is also available to all family members ages 3 and up on the health plan. Call the Wellness Center at 262-214-1101 to schedule your appointment. Please complete and bring this consent form to your appointment. If you can't make the Shoo the Flu Clinic, call the Wellness Center to make an appointment for your flu shot on another day.

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Optum Financial, Elmbrook Schools' HSA and FSA vendor, is launching enhancements to their online and mobile experiences. In order for these enhancements to take place, current online accounts will be read-only access from November 10th through November 18th. Current payment cards will be inactivated as of November 10th and a new card will be issued and received by November 19th. On November 19th, accounts can be accessed via the new website (stay tuned for the website!) and claims can be submitted again.

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Did you know the cost for any medical test or procedure can vary by hundreds to thousands of dollars, even in the same town? If you have an upcoming medical test or procedure, call DirectPath (866-253-2273) before scheduling it. Your DirectPath Advocate can provide a personalized Cost Comparison Report showing prices for up to three provider options, giving you the information you need to make the best decision based on cost and quality.

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It is time for the 2021 Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and the Shoo the Flu Clinic. Please look at this flyer for steps and information on completing the questionnaire and scheduling your biometric screening appointment. The sign-up deadline is October 10, 2021. If you do not need to be available for students at the start of the school day, please schedule your appointment for 8:45am or later.

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