Shoo the Flu

Nine Shoo the Flu events are scheduled for your convenience at a variety of locations, including select District schools and the Family Wellness Center.

*New in 2017: Flu shots will not be administered at the Biometric events.

Who is eligible to receive a shot?

  • All District employees (need not be on the District health plan)
  • All retirees covered under the District health plan
  • All family members (spouses and dependents 3 years of age and older) who are covered under the District health plan

What is the cost for the shot?
Flu shots are administered free of charge.

Do I need to make an appointment?
Walk-in's only. No appointments needed for pre-scheduled events listed below.

Where and when will the Shoo the Flu events be held?

Tuesday, October 10
7-9 AMSwanson Elementary
Wednesday, October 1111 AM - 1 PMBrookfield East High School
Friday, October 1311 AM - 2 PMFamily Wellness Center
Thursday, October 193-7 PMFamily Wellness Center
Friday, October 207-9 AMFamily Wellness Center
Wednesday, November 13-6 PMPilgrim Park Middle School
Thursday, November 211 AM - 1 PMBrookfield Central High School
Saturday, November 49-11 AMFamily Wellness Center
Friday, November 107-9 AMDixon Elementary