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Jeremy Monty 


PTO Board Contacts

2019-20 Officers

Sara Monty

Executive Vice President

Vice President of Committees
Shana Meidam

Vice President of Committees
Connie Petersen

Nicole Fitzgerald

Anusha Gopalakrishnan


2018-19 PTO Meetings

All meetings will take place at 6:30pm

  • September 13
  • October 11
  • November 8
  • January 17
  • February 21
  • March 14
  • April 11
  • May 16

Minutes & Agendas

PTO meeting

4/11/2019 (6:30 p.m.)




Carey Drees, Mr. Swenson, Jeanne Siegenthaler, Melissa Holland, Christine Birt, Anusha Giopalakrishnan, Tom Cheng, Shana Meidam, Katie Whitecotten, Jeremy Monty, Sara Monty, Connie Petersen


Call to Order

Jeremy 6:30 p.m.


Minutes approval from November

Shana motion;


Wisconsin Hills Middle School guest - Christine Burke

-Looking for new PTO board members

-Run for the Hills fundraiser coming up

-Maker Space is very popular there and needs volunteers

-Meetings are during the day

-Meetings are 1st Monday in May


ACE Program - Mr. Swenson

-2 performances at Dixon so far - Pangea and Tyco. Crosshatch is coming in May

 - exclusive performances for kindergarteners - bug in a rug coming

 - field trips - diary of a worm, spider and fly, The 5 Brown's - 3rd, 4th and 5th, a piano Quintet - field trip tomorrow

 - spring sing - May 31st - theme sailing off to summer

 -t shirt link goes out next Monday from the teachers. New Logo design contest was a hit. Ella Sadowski was the winner.

 - some students will be performing at the circle of friends event and sharing the arts in me philosophy. 

Arts in Me website - https://sites.google.com/elmbrookschools.org/dixonelementaryartsinme/home


Principal Report - Dr. Siegenthaler

planning underway for next year - on enrollment and sections.

ordering new cafeteria tables for next year. Dixon is not hosting summer school so can repair some things.

open house/meet and greet - picnic 8/29

Spring Break - next week

Gallery Night - 4/30

May 6 Brookfield Arbor Day host

May 6 - Engaged in Excellence awards - Dixon has Kim Mitchell for excellence in volunteering

Excellence in a team - 3 teaching assistants

Excellence in teaching - Mrs Fell

Excellence in educational support - Tara Lachance

April 24th is celebrate Julie Day

May 6th is staff appreciation week

May 9th spring concert

Dr S is finalist for superintendent for Stone Bank school. Loves Dixon. win/win either way

District ENROLLMENT COMMITEE- Dixon, Swanson and Tonawanda are impacted. Reopening Hillside is not an option.

March 22 – 5thgrade to Wisconsin Hills for Transition Day. April 5 – 5th grade DARE graduation. April 2 – no school for students. April 4 – blood drive. April 25 – start of full day Thursdays no early release.


Treasurer Update - Anusha

Check of $5276 to rescue mission from empty bowls

carnival raised $2062 dollars - not final numbers yet though

raffle raised  $3314 - not final


Old Business


Committee Reports


Restaurant Nights (Jeremy)

Blaze pizza this month

5/14 -  chipolte on blue mound

skyzone nights?



good night - feedback was positive. New bouncing company - pizza was a problem - came really late. Things were spread out more which was very helpful. Spread very thin on second shift for volunteers



Very Successful and the kids loved it


Spring Book Fair

Very successful and fun. Thanks to Wendy Penney who came and gave a crash course.


New Business

PTO Board Members for Next Year

Sara Monty is President next year

Anusha will continue as treasurer


Need president elect, 2 VP’s of committees and a secretary

Please let us know if you would be interested in serving or have questions.


Committee Reports


Spirit Wear

Will have a 2 week sale starting Monday for Spring Sing shirt.


High Interest Day (Jeremy/Sara M.)

Still looking for 1 more career workshop. Will be doing staggered signup starting after spring break


Dixon Innovative Garden

4th grade girl scouts planted seeds.

Boy scouts will be planting.

Sign up going out in May for watering in the summer sign up.

Seeds available from Steins for any school related event


Gallery Night

Sign up genius going out soon.

Mostly will need help promoting the event. 


Volunteer Opportunities

--Carnival Committee – for next year

--Fall Fundraiser Co-Chair (is likely biggest need, funds everything we do, this next year is Jeneeya’s last year and she needs a co-chair to work with to take over the following year)

--High Interest Day – For next year, will need a Sports Sub Chair




PTO Meeting Dates

May 16


Upcoming PTO Events

Gallery Night: April 30

High Interest Day: May 17

Dixon Dragon Day: June 5



Katie motion to adjourn; Connie second (7:31 p.m.)

Read more about Dixon PTO Minutes -- April, 2019

PTO meeting April 11th at Dixon Library 6:30PM

April Meeting Agendas

March Minutes

2019-2020 PTO Board Members

Please consider serving on the PTO Board for the 2019-2020 school year. The PTO is responsible for many evets throughout the school year including Carnival, Gallery Night, High Interest Day, and Empty Bowls. Event chairs make each of these events run smoothly and a small board of directors oversees the administration. The time commitment is quite low but the impact is high. Please reach out to anyone on our current PTO Board with any questions:

Jeremy Monty – President – jeremymonty1017@aol.com
Sara Monty – President-Elect – sarameengsmonty@aol.com
Anusha Gopalakrishnan – Treasurer - anu_gops@yahoo.com
Vicky Shokatz – Secretary – vshokatz@gmail.com
Sara Ames – Vice President of Committees – littlin55@yahoo.com
Shana Meidam – Vice President of Committees – shana_meidam@yahoo.com

 Gallery Night

Save the Date!!! Dixon’s Annual Gallery Night where we display the art work of our students in a gallery like setting is Tuesday, April 30th from 6pm-8pm. We hope to see you there.

 High Interest Day

High Interest Day Needs You!

Our all-school High Interest Day will take place on Friday, May 17th. In the morning we have parents and/or community leaders come in to talk about their career. It’s a 45-minute session between 10am-11am and all careers are wanted and welcome. If you are not able to come and talk about your own career but have a friend, neighbor, or family member that you think the students would be interested in hearing from, please let us know. We’d be happy to reach out. Examples include, but are not limited to: Mechanic, Doctor, Lawyer, Graphic Design, Veterinarian, etc…

We are also looking for people to lead workshops teaching a hobby or sharing other interests and talents. Do you like building sculptures with duct tape or making kindness rocks? Can you juggle or play bucket drums? If you can’t think of anything yourself, we also have ideas for craft workshops that just require a leader. Please contact Sara Monty for more information and/or to volunteer at sarameengsmonty@aol.com or 262-439-8244.

  Volunteer Opportunities

HIGH-PRIORITY: Fall Fundraiser Co-Chair – Jeneeya Suwal has served as the Chairperson for the Fall Fundraiser for the last couple years. She and her committee have helped increase the success of the Fall Fundraiser and with this growth we are seeking a co-chair. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Jeneeya at jeneeya@gmail.com.

High Interest Day – Sports Sub-Chair – High Interest Day is Friday, Mary 17, 2019. We will host several workshops for students to attend and Sports Workshops are always popular. We are seeking a Sub-Chair who will help coordinate the Sports Workshops by contacting past workshop leaders and reaching out to new potential workshop leaders as the need arises. Please contact Sara (sarameengsmongty@aol.com) or Jeremy Monty (jeremymonty1017@aol.com) for more information.

Carnival Committee Co-Chair – Please lend a hand to make it a success. For more details about being involved as the Carnival Co-Chair for the 2019-2020 school year please contact Sara Ames at littlin55@yahoo.com.

Copy Volunteers: Come in to help as needed. Needs will be posted to the PTO Facebook group

Library Volunteers: Parents Response to Library volunteer request has been very generous.  Thank You. Parents are welcome to come in the Library during their kids Library schedule.

   Thank You

There have been many great opportunities for Dixon families to get together over the past few weeks. Below are messages of gratitude from those involved with organizing and planning these events: 

  • Thank you to all who dined at Jason’s Deli in support of the Dixon PTO last month. We had a great turnout. Be on the look out for a restaurant night in late April and then mid-May at Chipotle.

  • Thank you to everyone who attended and volunteered at Carnival this year. It was an amazing event and a fun opportunity for Dixon families to spend time as a community.

  • Thank you to everyone who donated to the Dixon raffle and who bought raffle tickets. We raised more than $3,000 via the raffle this year. Click here for a complete list of raffle prize winners.

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