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2024 Dixon Science Fair Winners

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Science Fair GE Quiz Winners: (TIE) Sophia Wang and Ryan Schubert 


3rd Grade (above)

1st Place-Lilah Gantner and Quinn Gantner (Does washing hands kill bacteria?)

2nd Place-Selah Offord (Chill Out!)

3rd Place-Bennett Goeppinger (Dishwasher Cleaning Efficiency)


4th Grade(above)

1st Place-Spoorthi Pusunuru and Amelia Wickersham (Cloud in a Bottle)

2nd Place-Vivienne Brock and Norah Lawlor (Are dog dental bones a hoax?)

3rd Place-Kelsey Nolden, Anna Johnston, Lucy Kirley (Does your water bottle contain toxic lead?)


5th Grade (above)

1st Place-Cameron Drees and Cooper Drees (Are pets left or right pawed?)

2nd Place-Austin Colque (Do tennis ball savers actually work?)

3rd Place-Kavya Shah, Anvi Mamidi, Purvi Menon (Water Pump)