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Meeting Date: Thursday, May 13, 2024
Meeting Time: 6:30 p.m.
Meeting Location: Dixon Library

Attendees: Luke Sadowski, Brian Kawa, Sara Monty, Carey Drees, Jen Koch, Emily Schultz, Casey
Armstrong, Laura Louwo, Brian Klappenbach, Katie Whitecotton, Christie Welch, Katrina Hergott, Liz
Miller, Vicky Shokatz, Derek Pipcorn from Mathnasium, Kelly Villalobos, Julie Hargraves, Jacqueline
Wickersham, Laura Swenson, Lindsay Dusold, Lacey Sobotta, Sara Bjorklund

1. Call to Order--Carey Drees/Sara Monty at 6:33pm
2. Review and Approval of April 2024 Minutes--Katrina Hergott
Jen Koch 1 st , Liz Miller 2nds
3. Principal Report--Luke Sadowski—The assessment window going on. Know that we are finishing
up MAP testing. Lots of fun stuff coming up. If there are questions, let Luke know. Spring Sing
is next Thursday. Will do the Kindergarten/5 th grade tunnel during spring sing. June 3 rd the
seniors from BCHS and BEHS that are Dixon alum are coming to walk and do cancer walk. Our
school is special because the parents and families that help out.
4. Treasurer Report Brian Kawa 
See updated P&L. April net income -$6924. Driven by empty bowls.
Carnival and raffle didn’t come in yet. Carnival carrying some cost of goods.
YTD $15220. Budget -$627. Well ahead. Nutcracker check has still not been cashed.
Projected $6000 over budget at the end of the year.
Sponsor Spotlight 
5. Mathnasium 
Is a math learning center; Derek was a teacher in middle school math and is an instructional
coach for math. At the Brookfield location, 10% is Dixon kids. All they do is math at
Mathnasium. They have an awesome summer program but is a year round program. Most
students are with them 10 months, but can just come for summer and do a few sessions. During
school year, they help with homework and build learning plan. All students work on their own
individualized plan, depending on the kid. Really fun, kids love being there. Builds confidence.
Partners with the schools a lot. Someone asked what the difference was between them and
Kumon. Kumon does not help with homework. Mathnasium is open 20 hours a week so very
easy to schedule. They have cool prizes to keep students motivated. Will have flyer posted on
Dixon PTO facebook site.
Old Business 
6. Carnival Jen Bartowitz—Budget was great. Expenses will be under budget.

7. Raffle Katrina Hergott--$5222 in raffle sales before carnival night. $1108 in raffle ticket sales the
night of for a total of $6330. Auction items brought in $5545. Biggest draw for raffle was staff
experiences as always. Also, Wave tickets, Monty Family Brewers tickets, r/c helicopter,
American Doll, one of the nerf guns, art easel, money jar, claw machine, gumball machine, and
makeup box.

8. High Interest Day Sara Monty –There was a sloth and it licked Sara. There were many other very
cool animals. So many people helped with planning. People just showed up to help randomly
which is part of the reason Dixon parents are amazing. Thank you to everyone that helped. The
committee has great ideas for next year like valet parking for teachers offsite so we have more
parking for volunteers. Next year they are making it more of a committee of people instead of
just the Montys and Lynn Olberding. May introduce custodial staff as a high interest day option,
including Jill Lippe, John, and Luke on how to clean up messes on the blacktop.
Other items: School beautification—Amanda will work on displays to showcase upcoming events. If
anything needs to be displayed, please check in.
Spirit wear—there will be a table at the back to school picnic; pop up sales during summer on Dixon’s
facebook site. Always willing to consider other options for spirit wear so please just let Megan Repsa
New Business 
9. Dixon Dragon Day--Christy Welch –May 31. Need more volunteers. Signup genius went out.
Sending out to room parents again to make sure everyone got it. No parents signed up in
kindergarten so please spread the word; maybe kindergarten parents don’t know what this is.
Miss Mollys for lunch for volunteers if you are there all day to help.
10. Cancer Walk –new committee chair—Lauren Giuliani—she is the executor of the MACC fund.
We will keep dollars local for kids with cancer in the area. Cancer walk will look the same, will
be some signage from Children’s Hospital. There will be an opportunity to donate money. Will
walk during specials time June 3 rd . In need of volunteers at 0730-0830- to set up
Book fair—pop up—this weekend. Scholastic gave us $1000 to do it. Friday night in the hall or band
room, Sat morning during chess tournament. 9-1 on Saturday. 4-8 Friday. Go in through gym.
11. Spring Sing/5th Grade Graduation on May 23 rd —would love to have 4 th grade parents help serve cake
so 5 th grade families can enjoy. A sign up went out to 4 th grade classrooms/families.
12. Back to School Picnic--Carey Drees –Wed Aug 28 th 4-8pm. Right before strong start which will be
Thurs 11-7 and Friday 8-4. Getting movie guy with screen. Looking for school groups to be there.
Dine out—working with Ryan at scratch for June.—maybe last day of school

13. Choral Risers--Sara Monty Discussion & Vote to Fund $13,700 –back in January we talked about
teacher grants. Had $6000 in budget for grants. Chris Swenson needed risers because they were falling
apart. Have been sharing them. PTO denied the request at the time. But now we raised too much
money and this would serve all the kids. Would like to buy risers for anyone who would need them.
Would be stored in the large closet off the stage. Burleigh houses multiple sets of risers and lends them
out. Makes them more accessible to have them. Someone asked if there was anything else not
approved: Magnifying glasses, cases for instruments were not approved. Also 3 translators, only
purchased 1. Asked for a program by 2 nd grade that we weren’t allowed to have, kg mentor text—it
would be getting changed over summer, so not worth it for ½ year of use. Luke cannot roll over district
wide money so that leaves no avenue for big ticket items. Made request for revenue from district for
risers, but denied. Only had 4 hours notice to get approved and get on agenda. Liz 1 st , Jacqueline 2 nd , all
approve, no deny or abstain. Motion passes.
14. Elmbrook District Update (EEF/Parent Network) Carey Drees—EEF golf outing June 11 th --proceeds go
to robotics initiative at East open to all high school students. Still golf space left—whole sponsorships
still available. Parent network working on speakers and programs for next year. District parents want to
talk about social sessions, mental health. These speakers happen every other month usually. Getting
virtual option hopefully. Have handful of meetings to plan. Dr. Hansen does school update.
15. Committee Roles to fill--Katie Whitecotton/Jen Koch –redid google form based on needs. Got
enough feedback that we are looking good for next year. Got 7 people that responded. 2 people
interested in garden. 1 person wants to join HID, 1 empty bowls. Need help with raffle-had someone
volunteer to help Krista Rogers and Katrina will stay on to help next year. Need help with gallery night.
3 people said put them anywhere but cannot lead. Have committee sign up during room parent sign
up—see the list. The personal aspect of people bringing in others helps.
16. Nominations for open 2023-2024 Board Positions--Carey Drees/Sara Monty –treasurer—2 yr
commitment—Emily nominates Julie. Julie accepts. Voted and passes. Presidents: set agenda, promote
PTO, Casey nominates Carey. Emily nominates Sara. Both accept. Voted and passes. Executive
VP—shadow presidents—Liz nominates Emily, will accept if not alone. Will NOT do it alone. She will
give it time to think about it and try and find another person to do it with. Brian nominated, does not
accept at this time. Secretary—can get library loaner computer if needed. Sara nominated Jacqueline.
Jacqueline accepts. Voted and passes. VP of committees: Katrina nominates Jen. Sara nominates Katie.
Both accept. Voted and passes.
Casey wanted to know if there is a directory? Need an opt out option if we use our own program. Luke
will look into it, haven’t heard anything.
Honor the outgoing members, Brian and Katrina, committee member Vicky.
17. Motion to Adjourn – Jen 1st and Emily 2 nd . Meeting adjourned at 7:54
Thank you Dixon staff, parents, and friends for having me as your committee member for the past
several years. It was a pleasure, and not surprisingly, I will miss it! Best wishes--Katrina
Upcoming PTO Events 
May 31 Dixon Dragon Day 

June 3 Cancer Walk