Dixon 2018-2019 Student Council Representatives

Congratulations to all fifth grade students who were elected to Dixon's Student Council:


Mrs. Fleming's Class:  Teddy Celikay, Trevan Lenihan, Ella Sadowski, Eli Staude Natalie Surges

Mrs. Frydach's Class:  Reagan Durham, Jude Haubenreich, Olivia Kinart, Jacob Malnar, Jenna Poulton

Mrs. Hetzel's Class:  Campbell Bisgrove, Braelyn Hundt, Carter Mantei, Cooper Reinhardt, Hannah Woldt

Mrs. Michalski's Class:  Laura Dressler, Carlyn Ganz, Malisa Gray, Parker Menzynski, Ethan Zhang


These young leaders participated in the 2018 Sixth Annual Milwaukee Bucks Leadership Conference.