The Foundation began with the objective of supporting the District's value on continuing education by rewarding the outstanding achievements of select graduating seniors. In 1958, a group of school and community volunteers created the Lancer-Spartan Scholarship Foundation to honor High School students with a proven track record in leadership, scholarship, and a commitment to community service. The scholarship program has been expanded to include need-based scholarships and now provides support for students planning to continue their education at either a University or Technical School. Scholarship criteria has been expanded to reflect the objectives of our scholarship donors and in an effort to ensure that the greatest number of seniors can be honored each year. 

In 1999, the Foundation expanded its mission to support the District's value on inspiring students and staff by developing community-wide private financial support through its grant program. It's name was changed to the Elmbrook Education & Lancer-Spartan Scholarship Foundation to reflect the new grant division of the Foundation. The first cycle of grants was awarded in 2001.  In 2002, the name was simplified to the Elmbrook Education Foundation.

The Foundation has grown considerably in size and mission and needs the support of the community to fulfill its commitment to our public schools.