Elmbrook Education Foundation (EEF) Brings Sensory Toolkits to Elementary Classrooms

Last spring, the Elmbrook Education Foundation (EEF) made a generous donation of $25,000 to Elmbrook’s elementary schools to supply classrooms with sensory toolkits. The desire for tools and strategies stemmed from the feedback of elementary staff and are intended to support students as they develop self-regulation, improve focus, and increase participation. Providing these tools in classrooms supports the sensory needs of our students, which in turn makes learning more accessible. Having these sensory tools available in elementary classrooms and training staff on effective utilization has supported our efforts to meet the unique learning needs of all elementary students.

“In our second-grade classroom, students are using the tools on a daily basis to help them engage in their learning. The tools and break zone space are options for independent navigation by the student. This increases their independence and provides a sense of structure, security, routine, and confidence!”
-2nd Grade Teacher, Swanson Elementary

The tools provided by the EEF donation support student refinement of fine motor skills, offer calming pressure, heavy work, tactile exploration, and development of hand-eye coordination. Sensory tools also support a students’ ability to regulate their personal state of emotions, energy states, thoughts, and behaviors in ways that are appropriate to the classroom environment.

“We are so thankful for the sensory tools that have been gifted to our classroom. We have an area in the room where the students can go when they need to regroup, calm their bodies, or just take a break. The sensory tools are available at any time and for anyone who needs them. There are also sand timers that help to manage the amount of time spent in that space. The students feel empowered because they are learning how to regulate themselves. This is something that will help them for the rest of their lives. Thank you!”
-1st Grade Teacher, Dixon Elementary

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EEF was organized in 1958 to award scholarships to select Elmbrook School District high school graduates. In 1999, the Foundation's mission expanded to include teacher grants for innovative projects that benefit all students and raise money to support and strengthen outstanding learning ideas that improve the overall educational quality of our public schools. EEF has awarded over $1,500,000 in scholarships and $500,000 in grants which enhance and extend the established curriculum and support projects that are beyond the district's budget.

For more information, please contact Beth Dobrzynski, Executive Director, at 262-844-3742 or elmbrookeducationfoundation@gmail.com Website:www.elmbrookschools.org/elmbrook-education-foundation