Elmbrook Education Foundation (EEF) Hosts Explore STEAM Event

The Elmbrook Education Foundation (EEF) will host the 1st Annual Explore STEAM event on Tuesday, March 7th, from 4:30-7pm in the Brookfield Central Main Gym. This event will bring students, families, educators, and community partners together in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.  Attendees will have the opportunity to experience hands-on, interactive activities throughout the gym. This event is geared to K4-8th grades.

“Carl Sagan, American astronomer, once said “Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known” and the Elmbrook Education Foundation’s 1st Annual Explore STEAM event is ready to help you find it!” remarked Elizabeth Simpson, Explore STEAM Chair. 

Two years ago, the EEF awarded an innovation grant to Marlo Dentice Johnson, an educator at Burleigh Elementary, to host a STEM event which was held in 2021 to a sold-out crowd of over 250 guests.  As a foundation, when innovation grants are awarded, our hope is to one day take that idea and implement it district wide.  With Marlo’s assistance, this event accomplishes that goal. Proceeds from this event will go towards our Shared Theatre and Fine Arts Equipment Super Grant. Tickets are available beginning February 7th.  Sponsorship opportunities are available!

“The FIRST robotics teams that will be demonstrating their cool technology, displaying their projects, and talking about their community outreach at this event will be amazing!  With Elmbrook having some of the top teams in the State at all levels – FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC B.E.A.S.T.), FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC), and FIRST LEGO League – families attending this event will have the opportunity to see all of them under one roof.  Our team is excited to teach younger kids how we apply STEM skills and creativity in all areas: developing game strategy, creating CAD designs, fabricating custom parts, coding software, and testing and iterating to improve.”  - Matthew Nustad, Mechanical Team Leader, FTC GEarheads Team #16460

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EEF was organized in 1958 to award scholarships to select Elmbrook School District high school graduates. In 1999, the Foundation's mission expanded to include teacher grants for innovative projects that benefit all students and raise money to support and strengthen outstanding learning ideas that improve the overall educational quality of our public schools. EEF has awarded over $1,500,000 in scholarships and $500,000 in grants which enhance and extend the established curriculum and support projects that are beyond the district's budget.

For more information, please contact Beth Dobrzynski, Executive Director, at 262-844-3742 or elmbrookeducationfoundation@gmail.com Website:www.elmbrookschools.org/elmbrook-education-foundation