Elmbrook Education Foundation Presents Additional Check for $40,000

The Elmbrook Education Foundation (EEF) presented a $40,000 check to the School District of Elmbrook for the Shared Theatre and Fine Arts initiative thanks to the generosity of the Schlifske Family Foundation and Elmbrook community. This check is in addition to the $80,000 awarded in February bringing the total contribution to $120,000.

Elmbrook’s Theater and Fine Arts programs are among the best in the state. The Elmbrook Education Foundation super-grant will provide funds to acquire wireless microphones, sound boards, and mobile lighting equipment that will be shared amongst all of our schools and used for musicals, plays, concerts, and school events.

For more information, please contact Beth Dobrzynski, Executive Director, at 262-844-3742 or elmbrookeducationfoundation@gmail.com Website:www.elmbrookschools.org/elmbrook-education-foundation. 

EEF Check