Elmbrook Connect: Help Provide Reliable Internet Access to Keep Students Educationally Connected

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Elmbrook schools offer top notch educational opportunities to students. However, the current economic and health crisis is creating a barrier for learning. Approximately 100 students are using hotspots to support virtual learning and regular homework needs due to a lack of reliable internet in their home. In an effort to provide a more efficient learning environment to students in need, Elmbrook is raising money to provide reliable internet access to keep students educationally connected.  

The BEHS Student Council and the BCHS Key Club, in partnership with the EEF, are working together to raise funds for this important initiative! Sponsorships are available. Donations are being accepted for our silent auction. Or join our virtual Fun Run/Walk November 23-30. T-shirts are included and timed perfectly for the Thanksgiving holiday!

See what students, staff and community are saying:

"The current environment is providing challenges to students who are learning virtually", said Ronn Blaha, BC Math Teacher and Key Club Advisor. "It is inspiring to see the students of Brookfield Central and Brookfield East join together to remove one of the barriers to an  equitable education and to help connect students from across the district."

"In these uncertain times, it is vital for my peers and I to stay connected with each other and our teachers. BEHS Student Council has teamed up with BCHS Key Club to help our friends in need, providing essential resources to be successful in any circumstance." - Mason Kelsey

"Now more than ever, it is important that we come together as a community to help others. That is why Brookfield Central and East are working together to make sure that every student in our community has the resources for success." - Jana Gharia

"Especially now, when so much of our world is virtual, we are so excited to help our fellow Elmbrook students get reliable internet access, ensuring everyone has the same quality of education throughout the district." - Sneha Sil

"Our true character is revealed during some of the most challenging times.  I am so encouraged to see the Elmbrook community taking care of each other during this time.  Students, families, teachers, neighbors and businesses are coming together to ensure all students have an opportunity to reach their potential by having reliable internet access. Strong communities build strong schools and strong schools build strong communities.  We're resilient and better together." - Emily Donohue

"Technology has the power to connect and/or disconnect.  In a world where we rely on immediate and constant access to information, it is ever more essential that we break down the barriers that interfere with equitable access to education.  By providing reliable internet to all students, we build foundational systems, ones that if left unchecked and underdeveloped, could lead to a widening opportunity gap.  As we support access for all, we commit to educating all of our students and set a strong foundation for the future of instruction and learning." - Michelle Miner