Take Me Out to the Ballgame Raffle!

In 2014, the Elmbrook Education Foundation provided financial support to the creation of the Spartan Union coffee shop at Brookfield East High School. Due to the foundation's continuous support, the Spartan Union has flourished into the successful business that it is today. Overseen by Joseph Seaman, the Spartan Union serves hundreds of students, faculty, and staff each school day. Despite its outstanding service and satisfying products, the success of the Spartan Union is not measured by these metrics. Rather, the coffee shop is seen as successful because it is run entirely by students. Considered as an elective course at BEHS under the name of "Business Leadership," students are able to serve in the departments of marketing, hospitality, and finance. The Spartan Union offers a unique, real-life business experience for high school students with honest monetary reward and consequence.

Many BEHS graduates that have completed this course have attributed their post-secondary success to skills they acquired in the Spartan Union. Cole Barnes, a current University of Southern California student, took Business Leadership twice during his time at BEHS. Because of Mr. Seaman's guidance and mentorship, Cole Barnes learned many valuable lessons that he continues to apply not only to his school work at USC, but to his professional ventures as well.

Cole Barnes and the Spartan Union have formed a partnership to create a fundraiser to help those affected by the pandemic. The group acquired a game-worn Christian Yelich jersey and 3 signed baseballs from the Milwaukee Brewers. All proceeds from this raffle will benefit the Elmbrook Education Foundation. It will be used to support Elmbrook Connect which provides relief to 100 kids in the Elmbrook district that do not have access to proper internet. As most schooling has an increasing amount of online content, this is a pressing issue.

Everyone involved with the Spartan Union is grateful to the Elmbrook Education Foundation for its unconditional support. Without their financial backing, the Spartan Union would not be the thriving coffee shop that it is today. The Spartan Union is excited and honored to partner with the Elmbrook Foundation for this unique event.

Raffle tickets will be sold until 2pm on April 16th - drawing will be held at the Spartan Union.  1/$3, 2/$5, and 6/$10

Purchase Raffle Tickets (opens 4/5): https://Ballgame21.givesmart.com

signed baseballsYelich jersey