Mission & Vision

Mission of FVS

The Mission of FVS is to teach our students those skills which will improve the quality of their lives and enable them to become participating members of their communities.

FVS believes in the fundamental value and dignity of each person.

FVS believes that what someone can do is more important than what they cannot do.

FVS believes that people do better when they feel good about themselves.

FVS believes that students, parents, and staff will be involved in an on-going process of growth and improvement.

FVS believes humor, celebration, and positive social interaction are important parts of our community life.

FVS believes that learning is enhanced by a friendly, appealing and safe environment.

FVS believes that learning is enhanced when instruction includes real-life experiences.


Fairview South School will implement evidence-based literacy and numeracy techniques/curriculum as well as behavioral practices/supports with fidelity and accountability. We will continuously monitor student progress and use data to make informed decisions. Fairview South School will be a physically and emotionally safe and rewarding working environment that promotes positive student and staff culture. We will uphold and practice common social/culture norms. We will collaborate and achieve common goals through shared decision making, shared responsibility, and engagement in a continuous improvement cycle.