As we plan for the 2022-23 school year we are excited to share some changes in leadership for the Waukesha County Special Education Consortium (WCSEC) under the umbrella of The School District of Elmbrook (SDE)

We are pleased to announce that Mrs. Karen Knopf will assume the administrative leadership of the WCESC for the 2022-23 school year, including the Fairview South Program and the Itinerant Services to the greater Waukesha area.  Mrs. Knopf will provide leadership to FVS in collaboration with Mrs. Angie McGuire as the lead teacher. She will oversee the staff, contracts, and budget, as well as be the liaison to the districts and families under the direction of Jill McDonald, Director of Special Education. Staff, FoFVS, and the Board have all been notified of this change.  

Mrs. Karen Knopf joined the special education leadership team in the School District of Elmbrook on July 1, 2021. Karen Knopf has twenty years of experience in special education. She is passionate about working with teams of educators to problem-solve around complex opportunities, developing strong collaborative environments, and building the strengths found in high-quality teachers. She is also dedicated to cultivating a foundational partnership where families and teachers feel connected, valued, and supported in fostering student learning from cradle to career. 

Karen has lived in Wisconsin for twenty years with her husband and 3 children. Prior to Wisconsin, Karen has had the opportunity to live in a variety of states, Oregon being her top place to live. In the evenings, she enjoys gardening, board games, running with her dog, and playing her newfound love-Pickle Ball. 


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The Staff & Students had some Spring Fever this week! They worked hard planting beautiful flowers, made homemade bird feeders and the smells down the hallway from their baking were AMAZING!


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