Friends of Fairview South Awarded $15,000 Grant

Friends of Fairview South awarded checkFriends of Fairview South is pleased and honored to be the recipient of a $15,000 grant from the Eppstein Uhen Foundation. This grant will be paid over three years and the money will help support funding for student experiences in the community.

With the generosity of the EUF grant, Fairview South will be able to grow its partnerships with community organizations like Zachariah's Acres and The Sensory Club to provide exposure to post-secondary opportunities and ensure our students are best prepared for success after graduation. Through community-based instruction, our students develop appropriate behavior for work and community settings, independence and mobility, and the ability to generalize skills and knowledge to new situations.

"Any opportunity we can provide for our students to interact with the community and develop skills is a win," said Dr. Tanya Fredrich, Elmbrook Schools Director of Student Services. "We are beyond thrilled to have this ongoing fiscal support to continue to meet the unique needs of our students. We are grateful to the Eppstein Uhen Foundation for the award, and to Kathy and Lauren Davis for their pursuit of this grant, which will help us continue to meet the unique needs of our students"

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