Daily Living Skills

Student at zoo

The goal for every student at FVS is to develop independence in functional life skill areas. The curriculum is individualized (based on their IEP) to develop this independence, consistent with each student's potential, in each of these curricular areas.

Daily Living Skills (DLS) are an important part of the FVS program. Examples of DLS's include:

    • Grooming - Completing (or cooperating with) daily grooming skills such as brushing hair, brushing teeth, washing face and hands, applying deodorant, choosing appropriate clothes for work, school and social events, etc.
    • Meal planning and preparation - helping to plan a meal for either yourself or a group, shopping for the necessary food items, and then preparing the meal
    • Laundry - learning to sort, pre-treat, wash, dry, fold, and store laundry
    • Self-Care Skills - learning to us bathroom facilities with more independence, and eating skills instruction with the use of modified utensils and dishes.
    • Cleaning - washing dishes, tables, desks, boards, floors, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting, etc.