Work Center

The Work Center provides practical life experiences through meaningful work for students with special needs at Fairview South. The specialized work training is individualized to maximize the abilities and interests of each student. Skills developed through the Work Center include work endurance; interpersonal interactions; quality compliance; time management; cooperation; attendance; and other job retaining skills.

Over the years, the Work Center has developed a reputation for producing quality work while meeting production time lines. The type of work that has been successfully completed in the past, and is currently desired, includes:

  • Poly-bagging
  • Light Packaging
  • Light Assembly
  • Light Disassembly
  • Collating & Envelope Stuffing

The Work Center wants to serve your business needs through its 100% inspected and quality-controlled packaging and assembly capabilities. Please contact Kathy Davis, Work Center Coordinator, at (262) 781-9464 today to discuss your needs today!