Vocational Skills

When appropriate, vocational skill development is an integral part of a student's program. Our vocational program includes at least 4 sub-programs:

  • Classroom Jobs - Typical classroom jobs that include washing the board, cleaning desks/tables/mirrors/sinks, sweeping, removing trash, watering plants, etc. are used to develop positive work behaviors including responsibility, follow-through, accuracy, etc.
  • In-School Job Sites - The staff have developed many jobs for students to complete throughout the day. A task analysis has been written for each of these jobs to help determine the demands and possibilities of each task. These jobs provide training necessary for future involvement in community job sites.
  • Work Center - The work center at FVS provides vocational training to all students. Light assembly, packaging, and mailing jobs provide training opportunities using real work in addition to simulated vocational tasks.
  • Community Job Sites - Students have the opportunity to work with a job coach or DVR at community businesses to provide a variety of job experiences. Students have a chance to try different jobs while staff and parents have a chance to assess the student's success in several occupational areas.