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Thank you to the 1334 respondents who provided feedback to our schools and the District via the annual 2024 Family Satisfaction Survey. This year’s survey was conducted in May and the number of respondents equaled past participation. Results are analyzed at the School and District level, and key findings and next steps are reported to the Board of Education’s Community and Legislative Committee. 

Survey Summary

Detailed survey results can be found here, with the blue “Distribution” bar indicating the percentage of responses selecting agree/strongly agree, light gray bar as neutral, and dark gray indicating disagree/strongly disagree. Columns with “District 2023” and “District 2022” represent the percentage of responses in agreement from the previous two surveys. A green percentage indicates this year’s result exceeded that of the comparison year. In general, 2024 survey results were very positive, across all categories.  

 Key Findings

  • The District's Net Promoter Score (I would recommend my child's school to a friend) remained at an all-time high 87% positive response rate (8% neutral).

  • 90% of respondents agreed that their school is a safe place to learn (6% neutral).

  • Family satisfaction with opportunities for involvement increased 8% to 83%, as did Family satisfaction with involvement in decisions that impact my child’s education (66% to 74% with 17% neutral).

  • District survey results also revealed significant growth in school administrator responsiveness (5% increase to 79%, 16% neutral) and a student’s ability to get help when needed (5% increase to 85%, 10% neutral).

  • Satisfaction with lunch food options matched last year’s high (54%) and saw a decrease in dissatisfied responses by 3% to 20%. 

Next steps:

  • Family Satisfaction District Results - posted on our website and shared with the Board of Education’s Community and Legislative Committee in June.

  • For the third consecutive year, a Food Service follow-up survey was conducted in May (with families, staff and students) and will be used to guide menu planning this Fall.

  • School teams review student, staff and family survey feedback during the June continuous improvement planning process and use the information to inform their school improvement plans and action steps.