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Elmbrook Staff and Families,

As we began the school year in September, all 4K through 6th grade families were provided the opportunity to select from a mask-required learning environment, a mask-recommended learning environment, or a virtual learning environment (5K-6th grade only) for at least the first semester.  While a COVID-19 vaccine has recently become available for children ages 5-11, our community continues to see some level of disease activity (local school district data is available on the Elmbrook 2021-22 COVID Dashboard). Thus, when we begin our second semester on January 25, the district will continue to serve 4K through 6th grade students in both mask-required and mask-recommended classrooms. Classroom rosters will remain consistent to ensure continuity of learning as we know teacher/student relationships matter significantly.

Students that are currently enrolled in a 5K-5th grade virtual setting will have the opportunity to transition back to an in-person learning environment for the second semester. Those families will be asked to formally declare their preferred learning environment via a short survey during the first week of January. We will continue to offer a virtual option for interested 5K-5th grade families as long as sufficient enrollment exists.

At this time, the District will continue to use the thresholds that were established in September, 2021, to guide the District’s response to disease activity. If our community reaches a point where disease activity is low (defined as five or fewer new cases per day within school district boundaries), the District may consider shifting all classrooms to a mask-recommended environment.

Thank you,
Elmbrook Public Relations

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