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pronley and slowik

On Sunday, February 11,Elmbrook students, parents and family enthusiastically filed into the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center to hear the announcements of the third annual film festival winners.

The Elmbrook 3 Min Film Festival is held every year and is open to ANY Elmbrook student.  Registration for film submission opens October 1 and the award ceremony is held on Super Bowl Sunday at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center.  Details about the competition can be found here.

Finalists were from the following Elmbrook Schools: Swanson, Dixon, Brookfield Elementary, Brookfield East and Brookfield Central, and ranged from 6 to 18 years old.  

The winning highlights include:

  • Asmi Dere (with camera help from her mother) won the Fan Favorite for "Excel" in the Younger Ones category. 
  • Mikey Chusid from Brookfield Elementary won 1st place with "History of the Arcade" for the Younger Ones category and as he leaped on stage to accept the award he exclaimed loudly: "This is the best day ever!"
  • Andrew Vepraska (Cameron Drees, Allen Wilkinson) - winner of Younger Ones for Comedy category with "Intergalactic Feline Mission".
  • Sophia Ring, and a group of friends from Brookfield East, with "The Butter Mafia" was awarded the winner of the comedy category 
  • Caden Hoffman, Lucy, Heideman, Lilly Martin and Evan Georg, from Brookfield Central received the Fan Favorite as well as the winner of the drama category for "The Therapist's Therapist".

The most anticipated part of the afternoon was Sam Slowik, from Brookfield Central, who won as the overall winner of the festival - receiving the highest votes totals from the Festival judges ever awarded.  He filmed stop-motion "Learning to Fly" with almost 1600 individual pictures and took about 80 hours to seam together. All of the judges were blown away by this film, Marty Skibosh (BE Alum working in Hollywood) even commented "If that student continues he will be working in Hollywood someday."

The overall winners are attached to this email as well as a group picture and the Film Festival Winner.

Comedy Brainiac! https://youtu.be/CLcrLWf9Seg
  Learning To Fly https://youtu.be/NA7JlgZlf_U
  The Butter Mafia https://youtu.be/K2X_NCnR1mA
Drama The Therapist’s Therapist https://youtu.be/tEimnUb1Vy8
  The Scout https://youtu.be/ppfKRCJrUdo
  Best of Delta https://youtu.be/8eaAQRuaJaE
Younger Ones Excel https://youtu.be/2wh3oOhMBKc
  The History Of Arcades https://youtu.be/tMgxGzDGn-M
  Sweet Tooth Bully https://youtu.be/0GEtcXdJF2U
  I.F.M The Intergalactic Feline Mission https://youtu.be/Y2lF3HbHT1w

Thank you to Brookfield Central Theatre Director Dan Pronley for making this important creative outlet for students possible!

Pictured below: Student winners, Pictured above: Dan Pronley with Sam Slowik

film festival winners