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ap honor roll

Brookfield Central and Brookfield East High Schools have both received Gold distinction on the Advanced Placement (AP) School Honor Roll for 2023! The Honor Roll metrics account for criteria in three categories: College Culture, College Credit, and College Optimization - of which both schools received the distinction of Gold, Platinum, and Platinum respectively.

“These distinctions further highlight the importance that we place on our students being good consumers of their education,” stated Dr. Tanya Fredrich, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching & Learning. “By taking advantage of our vast AP course offerings, students are able to avoid rising tuition costs and start their higher education career ahead of their peers.”

As of 2023, Elmbrook offers a total of 25 AP courses to students in areas from mathematics to art. Even prior to their senior year, the class of 2023 took a total of 1,116 AP exams that received a score of 3 or higher, which is approximately equivalent to $1.3 million in tuition cost savings. Congratulations to Brookfield Central & Brookfield East for receiving this recognition on behalf of their robust and diverse curricular offerings.