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Each year the District invites families to provide feedback via an electronic survey regarding their child’s school experience and their experience with the school and District. This year’s survey was conducted in May and received 1,552 responses across all schools. Results are analyzed at the school and District level, and key findings and next steps are reported to the Board of Education’s Community and Legislative Committee in August. 

Thank you to all who took the time to provide feedback on this year’s survey! Click here to view the results of the 2022 Family Satisfaction Survey.

Key Findings:

  • 90% of respondents agreed that their school is a safe place to learn (6% neutral).
  • The District's Net Promoter Score (I would recommend my child's school to a friend) sustained its 84% positive response rate (9% neutral).
  • 86% of respondents indicated they were satisfied with their child’s school (7% neutral).
  • 75% of respondents were satisfied with the opportunities for family involvement (15% neutral), an increase of 6% from last year.
  • Overall, high satisfaction with communication and responsiveness by teachers and administrators.
  • The greatest amount of dissatisfaction centers on healthy food options at lunch (25% dissatisfied). 
  • Families also expressed some concerns regarding academic progress relating to information received (14% dissatisfaction), volume of home (12% dissatisfaction), and understanding the report card (12% dissatisfaction). 

Next steps:

  • Family Satisfaction District Results - posted on our website and shared with the Board of Education’s Community and Legislative Committee (August meeting).
  • A Food Service follow-up survey was conducted in late May (with families and students) and is being used to guide menu planning this Fall.
  • School teams reviewed student, staff and family survey feedback during the June continuous improvement planning process and used the information to inform their improvement plans and action steps.
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