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spelling bee winner with principal

On Thursday, January 17th, 21 students from all five Elmbrook elementary schools and both middle schools participated in the District Spelling Bee.

After 21 rounds, Wisconsin Hills Middle School student Keshav Karun took the spot as the top district speller.

Other top spellers came from around the District:

  • Prisha Gupta (Burleigh Elementary)
  • Krishna Karody (Swanson Elementary)
  • Rishani Mohan (Burleigh Elementary)
  • Nolan Scott (Pilgrim Park Middle School)
  • Jack Vaidy (Tonawanda Elementary)

All six students move on to the regional bee at CESA 1 in February.


Pictured: top - Keshav and Principal Matt Schroeder, below - District Bee Contestants

district bee participants