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On Monday, May 2, retiring employees were honored at the District's 7th Annual Engaged in Excellence Awards. We celebrate their achievements and thank them for their contributions in making Elmbrook a great place to learn, a great place to work and a great school district. Congratulations to all retirees listed below.

Generations of learners and educators contributed to create this emotional Video Tribute to our retirees entitled, “When I Grow Up”

Class of 2020-21 Retirees:

  • Kevin Allen
  • Kathy Adams
  • Norman Andrews
  • Deborah Baade
  • Pamela Behling
  • Bobbi Bunker
  • Anna Marie Feldmeier
  • Debbie Gander
  • Kori Hartman
  • Tom Juran
  • Karen Lampe
  • Wendey Lang
  • Sherri Michalowski
  • Jean Nigel
  • Peggy Ordinans
  • Dan Paese
  • Cheryl Peil
  • Sandy Rasmussen
  • Wendy Ruhland
  • Huel Sanders
  • Honore Schiro
  • Jennifer Slonac
  • Brian Smith
  • Jennifer Spek
  • Leslie Stollberg
  • John Stroschein

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