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The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) awarded Elmbrook $66,150 in funding as part of their School-Based Mental Health Services Grant Program for the 2021-23 cohort. This grant will be used to fund on-site mental health services such as consultation for staff on social-emotional behavioral supports at Burleigh, Swanson, Tonawanda, and Pilgrim Park through a partnership with SaintA. SaintA provides support for staff and students in a smaller, classroom or group setting, and all services are customizable and individualized to meet the needs of the identified school with proper parental consent. 

“We are excited to offer a service to families and students as we partner to meet the challenges they may have to access high-quality mental health services,” said Tanya Fredrich, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching & Learning - Student Services. “This partnership will support families and students in a collaborative way so that everyone has access to the support they need."

Elmbrook was one of 161 applications for the grant program which will award a total of $10 million to 153 applicants representing all parts of Wisconsin. Once deployed and assessed for impact, the District looks forward to continuing to expand support for all students.

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