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In June 2023, the Elmbrook Board of Education created a District Goal to “Establish a master facility plan for each of our facilities, beginning with Hillside and Fairview South by June 2024.”

After nearly a year of discussion and consideration of several options, the Board of Education unanimously supported listing the former Hillside Elementary property located at 2250 Lynette Lane, Brookfield, WI 53045, in order to efficiently consider all options for the property. The District’s listing agent, Colliers, will market the property immediately and respond to potential buyers for at least the next 90 days, through September 18, 2024. 

The listing follows several months of School Board discussion and consideration of several options for the property. First, the Board reviewed current and 5-year projected enrollment data for the District which does not support the need for an additional elementary school location. Similarly, there are no current or projected program needs that would benefit from a District location on the west-side. In addition, should the District experience future enrollment growth more cost effective options exist to accommodate that growth such as expansion of existing facilities or modifying grade configurations. 

The Board of Education also considered keeping the property in the District’s portfolio and creating a community space, or establishing a coalition of partners to meet a community need. These options can still be considered as potential buyers for the property are solicited. Background information used to support the Board of Education’s discussions can be found in the most recent Board agenda discussion item on May 21, 2024. Finally, a community feedback session to solicit community input on potential uses for the Hillside property. 

Parties interested in learning more about the Hillside property can reach out to Joe Eldredge, joe.eldredge@colliers.com, 414-278-6825. Any potential sale of the property must be approved by the Board of Education.