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International Academic Competitions (IAC) hosted Wisconsin Regional competitions for History Bee, Geography Bee, and Science Bee at Brookfield Central High School on January 27. Several Students from the Elmbrook Schools across all grade levels participated in this tournament with great enthusiasm. 

Congratulations to all the students who participated in this tournament and to all the prize winners & finalists who qualified for the national competition to be held in Orlando, FL in May 2024. Hearty congratulations and best wishes for the upcoming nationals. 

Congratulations to the students who placed and participated in the Bees! Details of the students who won prizes and qualified for nationals are as below (by competition/grade level):

Science Bee Winners & National Qualifiers (by Grade):

Sixth Grade: 

  • Youssef Abdelkader (Pilgrim Park Middle School) – 2nd Place

Fifth Grade: 

  • Anirudh Sai Muralidharan (Brookfield Elementary) – 1st place
  • Cameron Drees (Dixon) – 2nd place
  • Saranya Bhagavatula (Burleigh) – 3rd place

Other 5th Grade finalists (qualified for nationals) – Prapya Pattnaik (Swanson), Micah Sayner (Dixon), Krishna Karody (Swanson) & Sanvi Thakur (Dixon)

Fourth Grade: 

  • Pradyumna Rao (Swanson) – 2nd Place
  • Abhishikth Vinod (Swanson) – 3rd place

Other 4th grade finalists (qualified for nationals): Shayna Luthra (BrookEl), Philip Choi (Swanson)

Third Grade & Under:

  • Iris Wang (Brookfield Elementary) – 1st place
  • Sritha Bhagavatula (Burleigh) – 2nd place

History Bee Winners & National Qualifiers (by Grade):

Eighth Grade: 

  • Joseph Lawlor - Wisconsin Hills Middle School – 2nd Place

Seventh Grade: 

  • Caleb Stiles - Wisconsin Hills Middle School – 1st Place

Fifth Grade: 

  • Micah Sayner (Dixon) – 1st place
  • Prapya Pattnaik (Swanson) – 2nd place
  • Prisha Gupta (Burleigh) – 3rd place

Fourth Grade:

  • Alishba Asghar (Swanson) – 1st place
  • Ayaan Agarwal (Swanson) – 2nd place

Geography Bee Winners & National Qualifiers (by Grade):

Seventh Grade: 

  • Raghavan Arunkumar – Pilgrim Park Middle School – 1st place
  • Caleb Stiles - Wisconsin Hills Middle School – 2nd Place
  • Rayhan Kamal – Wisconsin Hills Middle School – 3rd Place

Fifth Grade: 

  • Micah Sayner (Dixon) – 2nd place
  • Brady McGuire (Dixon) – 3rd place

Fourth Grade:

  • Noah George (Burleigh) – 1st place
  • Ayaan Agarwal (Swanson) – 3rd place
  • Ved Agarwal (Swanson) – Finalist & qualified for nationals

Third Grade and Under:

  • Shuban Chintalapati (Burleigh) – 1st place
  • Anwita Singh (Burleigh) – 2nd place