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Chris Minchk is an Applied Technology and Engineering teacher at Pilgrim Park Middle School. Chris teaches a number of unique and engaging courses such as Innovators and Makers, App Creators & Video Chef. His work has impacted the lives of countless Elmbrook students since 2004.

Chris is grateful to call Elmbrook his home and appreciates the relationships he’s been able to establish with colleagues, parents, and students in his time in the District. “I’m humbled to be a teacher in Elmbrook,” reflected Minchk. “Working with students has always been my passion and I’m proud to work side-by-side with such dedicated, professional, caring, and compassionate educators.”

Chris is inspired by his wife, Erin, who is a 7th-grade Special Education teacher. “She has dedicated her life to making a difference in the lives of middle school students & I am in awe of her work ethic, and ability to show kindness in all settings.” He is proud of his work each year and fondly remembers his time co-teaching with retired Math teacher Jean Nigel at Wisconsin Hills, and how their work together exceeded their expectations. “That experience taught me that an educator’s impact goes beyond test scores - it’s about connecting with students emotionally and academically.”

chris minchk