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Laura Baritt is the Assistant Director for Food & Nutrition for Elmbrook Schools and helps coordinate kitchen staffing, plan school menus, and manage the hydroponic lettuce initiative. Baritt has been with the Food Service team since 2020 and loves helping in the kitchens, creating menu items, and seeing the students try new foods. “I really enjoy the people I work with,” reflected Laura, “I’ve made lasting friendships in Elmbrook.”

Laura appreciates the difference that each day brings on the job and enjoys helping to fill gaps in school kitchens when they arise. In 2023, she spearheaded the hydroponic lettuce initiative with Fork Farms, which has successfully grown nearly 1,000 pounds of lettuce for use in school kitchens across the District and has eliminated waste from past practice by over 40%.

Laura is inspired by her husband, Cory who always has a fun and exciting outlook on life. They are the proud parents of two golden doodles and a fluctuating number of barn cats. Growing up, Baritt enjoyed racing in a Junior Dragster!

Laura Baritt spotlight