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Roger Olson is one of Elmbrook’s dedicated, smiling interoffice mail couriers and has been with the District for 18 years! “I love having the opportunity to visit each school in the District and observe the fantastic and dedicated staff in their element,” reflected Olson. “It’s a pleasure to deliver learning materials and correspondence to staff each day.”

In 2004, Roger began working for the District to give him something to do during retirement, and after 18 years he still loves it. Prior to Elmbrook, he served 25 years with the Menomonee Falls Police Department (retiring as a Captain) and 11 years as the Director of Law Enforcement Academy at WCTC. Roger is also a graduate of the FBI National Academy and has served in the United States Army.

“I’m most inspired by my father for instilling virtues in me, and by Rick Domach for exemplifying dedication, responsibility, cooperation, friendship, and for taking ownership of one’s job,” Olson stated. “Success is something each person has to define for themselves, but for me, it’s making a positive impact on others.” Roger is most proud of having safely driven over 150,000 miles through Elmbrook without any incidents while almost every major highway and street has endured construction.

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