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Susan Lee is a Job Coach that works with students at Project STRIVE, Brookfield Central and Brookfield East. Susan provides job coaching around a variety of skills, such as learning and navigating the social, cultural and behavioral aspects of the workplace, as well as, learning the tasks, routines and responsibilities of the job. She also works closely with community partners to arrange a wide range of workforce opportunities in order for students to explore a variety of jobs and develop a wide range of skills.

Susan enjoys her co-workers and being a part of a team that makes a difference for the students they serve. “I love to see the smiles and connections between our students and the community,” reflected Lee. “I am very proud of our students who bravely jump into the unknown - being adventurous is a lifelong skill! The students get a glimpse of employment and what life after school might look like, and that is powerful.” 

Susan is inspired by her parents who have done heavy lifting for the Special Needs Community over the past 50 years. “Their persistence, love and hands-on involvement blazed the trail for where we are today,” she said. “As a mother of a daughter with Special Needs I have nothing but admiration and appreciation for their fight for inclusion and diversity in schools, workplace and community.”

Outside of work, Susan is a proud mother, wife, and self-proclaimed jewelry fanatic who loves expanding her knowledge of historic jewelry and vintage brands! She is constantly inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt and can’t imagine her life without a fresh cup of coffee.

susan lee
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