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Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers visited Brookfield Central High School on Monday, May 15, to speak with 100 students and teachers from various Government classes about his career pathway to becoming Governor and his primary roles and responsibilities. Governor Evers highlighted his deep connection to K-12 education, first as a student, then science teacher, elementary and high school Principal, and then State Superintendent, which was his first publicly elected office that he held for eleven years. 

The Governor described his current position both in terms of daily tasks and briefings, and strategic work with the state legislative bodies and the many departments and agencies across Wisconsin. However, Governor Evers noted that he gains the most energy and insight by listening to people across the state, fulfilling his promise to visit every county (72 in total), every year. 

Following his brief presentation, Governor Evers responded to several questions students had prepared, ranging from the policies he was most proud of to how he spends his free time. The Governor’s responses gave further insight into his work and the key responsibilities of his position. 

Said Advanced Placement U.S. Government and Politics teacher Nina Gevelinger, who helped arrange the visit and introduced the Governor to the students, “While we spend a lot of time in our class learning about the Federal Government, we cannot forget the power and impact of state and local governments on our everyday lives. Governor Evers reinforced the importance of listening to all voices in Wisconsin, choosing to focus on our shared values and what we have in common. It was a great honor to have the Governor address his role in government and answer student questions!” 

Governor Evers closed the presentation by offering his personal congratulations to Brookfield Central Senior Ananya Bhatt, who last week was named one of three U.S. Presidential Scholars for the State of Wisconsin. 

Governor Evers
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