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It’s time to recognize outstanding staff members, volunteers, and community partners in Elmbrook! This year, your one nomination has three times the value! In partnership with the Elmbrook Education Foundation (EEF), we’ve streamlined the recognition process for the great people across our District. Nominate someone today at elmbrookschools.org/nominate.

When you nominate someone today, that nomination will generate the following:

  • All nominees will receive their nominations in a letter, telling them how excellent they are!
  • All nominees are eligible for EEF’s “Thank you Thursday’s Weekly Drawing” - in partnership with The Corners of Brookfield
  • All nominees are considered for an Elmbrook Schools’ Engaged in Excellence Award

Thank You Thursdays (in partnership with The Corners of Brookfield) celebrates the impact of Elmbrook staff across our community. This includes billboard displays at The Corners, eligibility for a gift card drawing each week, and recognition across social media.

The Elmbrook Engaged in Excellence Awards are the premiere staff recognition event in the country - celebrating staff, students, community partners, alumni, and more over the course of several months that culminate in a red carpet gala event much like the Academy Awards. But you don’t have to take it from us - just check out what Mikey has to say about it!

Engaged in Excellence Award Categories:

  1. Excellence in Teaching - Elementary
  2. Excellence in Teaching - Middle School
  3. Excellence in Teaching - High School
  4. Excellence in Teaching - New Educator
  5. Excellence in Teaching Support 
  6. Excellence in Transportation
  7. Excellence in Leadership
  8. Excellence in Volunteering
  9. Excellence in Substitute Teaching 
  10. Excellence in Coaching or Advising 
  11. Excellence in Service and Support
  12. Excellence in Teamwork
  13. Excellence in Student Services
  14. Alumni Excellence
  15. Excellence in a Community Partnership

Click HERE to recognize excellence today!

For more information about the Engaged in Excellence Awards timeline and category descriptions, click here.