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Over 125 students are working on 26 employee-led challenges from Milwaukee Tool.  On March 5th, students will present their ideas in a preliminary round of judging at the LAUNCH Innovation Collaboratory in Bishops Woods.  The top 10 ideas will be showcased at an event held at Milwaukee Tool on March 13th, 9:30am. Parents are welcome to attend.




The challenges that program participants were tasked with solving include:

  • What are the opportunities to make One-Key more predictive for the user?

  • How can we use innovative solutions and technology to make job sites safer for workers?

  • Create a storage solution for users with multiple small battery chargers

  • Develop a prototype to gamify the job site to teach students about tools and safety

  • How can we maintain the same standards for training our sales staff while reducing the need to fly into corporate headquarters to do so?

  • How would Milwaukee Tool create a college student shadow program to show the many different career options available for engineers and illustrate why Milwaukee Tool is the best place to be, etc.?

  • How can Gen Z impact the look & design of Milwaukee Tool apparel?

  • What is the best way to centralize information company-wide so that all employees know where to find the most relevant and timely information?

  • As Milwaukee Tool develops new products, how can they integrate active sound design? 

  • PACKOUT(TM) or STAY IN?  What else can Milwaukee Tool do with PACKOUT(TM)?  Painters, Gardeners, Kitchen utensils, BBQ accessories...Think beyond storage. 

  • How would you create a traveling tool pack that follows the user on a job site? 

  • What tools or resources could be created to help potential applicants answer the question “Why work at Milwaukee Tool?” by promoting company culture and lifestyle, and using current employees? 

  • How can the return process be refined to help drive topline sales?

  • What are ways to better bridge the gap between the knowledge people have when they are hired at Milwaukee Tool and what they need to know to do the job? 

  • How can data be used to help predict the need for inventory - specifically related to inventory needs related to what is known about reliability and assumptions made when deciding on warranties. 

  • What would be some cool new accessories for tools that Milwaukee Tool could produce? 

  • How can Milwaukee Tool improve communication and the sharing of information during interdisciplinary work between departments? 

  • How to educate and communicate with the end users correct/current processes for getting your tool, service, replacement (entire process from purchase to use to repair...)

  • Data is used in all departments - how do we create a common understanding

  •  on data flow and information? 

  • How does MKE Tool create a more sustainable environment within the corporate headquarters? 

  • Milwaukee Tool is constructing new office buildings. How could we design our office spaces to increase team collaboration & communication as well as spark inspiration & energy in our employees? 

  • What can MKE Tool do to be prepared for natural disasters -  what supplies are needed, what is the rebuilding process?

  • Milwaukee Tool started as a power tool company, but has expanded into hand tools, apparel, and now light equipment. What is the next opportunity for Milwaukee to expand into? 


LAUNCH would like to recognize mentors Will Didier, Katie Gavin and Ty Staviski for their support with these projects.

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