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Hi Kalee,

I am interested in the Wellness Center for my future primary care, however, I have a standing appointment with my current personal care physician and need lab work. I would like to do this through the Wellness Center and hear it may be no cost me. Can you tell me more? Thank you, I Need My Blood Work Completed

Dear I Need My Blood Work Completed,

I am glad you are interested in taking steps towards improving your health and wellness. One of the essential components of quality healthcare is to monitor specific blood levels. These tests can be ordered by your primary care provider, at the wellness clinic, or because of an appointment determining a need for blood work that day. Did you know that at the Elmbrook Schools Family Wellness Center your blood work comes at no cost to you? We can accommodate outside orders from your primary care providers or specialists. We also can see you for your wellness screenings and obtain most labs the same day as your appointment. It is important to check with the provider to see if fasting would be required. Additionally, if you are ill, we can obtain some labs in the clinic if immediate results are not required.

We recommend calling the clinic to ask about specific unique labs to ensure we have the proper tools to obtain your lab specimen and determine the approximate time you may need to obtain the results. Most lab results may take 48 hours for results to be ready. In some cases, timing may take longer, for example specific culture results or specialized blood tests. In addition to being able to send off lab work, we also can perform multiple in-house labs that provide immediate results during your visit. These labs can include fingerstick blood sugars, rapid strep tests, urine dipsticks, rapid flu, rapid mono, urine pregnancy, and stool hemoccult testing. Lab counseling and understanding of lab results can be accommodated though short counseling visits available at the clinic.

Thank you,

Dr. Kalee Cambray, DNP, APNP, AGACNP-BC, FNP-C