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Congratulations to the 7th & 8th graders who participated in yesterdays meet at Oconomowoc High School.  Both girls teams placed 2nd overall!

Place setters for the girls were:  7th Grade 4x200 relay-Emma Holzmacher, Kaylan Nitzke, Careena Evenson, and Madeline Marks; 400m run-Hannah Woldt;  4x400m relay-Hailey Peterson, Cailin French, Elsa Pedriana, and Annabelle Nealy; 7th Grade triple jump-Hannah Woldt;  high jump-Annabelle Nealey;  8th Grade 4x400m relay-Ella Schroeder, Lilly Joseoph, Madeline Marks, and Addison Doyle;  discus-Rae Curry;  8th Grade triple jump-Sienna Fulford.

Place setters for the boys were: 7th Grade-Jake Zheng, Carter Strutz, Damon Rogers, Jake Melski, Gavin Longley, Hrish Srivathson, Dayne Galster, Mason Beaudry, Isaac Sniadecki, Hayden Salato-Wykhuis, James Lacey, Liam Spahr, Jimmy Chen, Rohan Sharma, Trevor Newman, Zander Volkmann, Adam Tezak, Ian Rortvedt and George Kotsonis.  For 8th Grade-Evan Wheeler, Mason Augustynowicz, Darion Kuehl, Mikey Giordano, Christian McIllheran, Zack Griese, Nathan Meyers, Finn Kremel, Lucas Bocek, Jack Olson, Tyler Schmid, Caleb Smith and Sam Swintek.

Congrats to all of the athletes that competed.  Your hard work showed all night long!  Remember no practice today.  

Lead the Pack!  Run Track!!

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