Calendar Committee Created to Develop a Two-Year School Calendar

This week, a team comprised of diverse stakeholders was convened to begin work on the development of a two-year school-year calendar recommendation that will be brought forward to the School Board for consideration later this school year. The thirty-one member committee includes students, staff members, parents, and community members. The committee will examine research in the area of adolescent student sleep, study districts around the country also engaged in this work, and consider a variety of factors that contribute to the overall health and wellness of our student body. Items such as homework expectations, exam schedules, school day start and end time, and school year start date will analyzed by this team.

The committee is currently in the inquiry phase of its work and will be considering medical research and best practices from school districts across the nation. The next phase of committee work will entail the development and deployment of student, staff, and family surveys to understand the values, needs, and wants of the community related to school-year calendar priorities. Lastly, the committee will develop school-year calendar scenarios and guiding principles that will be vetted by stakeholder groups and then ultimately, a recommendation will be brought forward to the School Board for approval.

A webpage has been created as a communication tool. Information can be accessed here.

The Calendar Committee is co-facilitated by Kristin Westrick, an Elmbrook District parent, and Dana Monogue, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning.