Feedback from Community Forum

The Enrollment Balancing Task Force hosted a Community Forum on September 20 at Wisconsin Hills Middle School. Five parents joined representatives from the district to discuss the recommendations and answer questions. A summary of the discussion includes:

  • Attendees asked questions about why Tracts 113, 146, and 115 (111 East) were selected to move, and not Tracts 180, 181, and 183.
  • It was clarified that the projections estimated by 2020-21 about 40% of students at Dixon would be attending WHMS/BCHS and about 60% would attend PPMS/BEHS. Other projections include approximately 35-40% of Dixon students attending WHMS/BCHS and 60-65% PPMS/BEHS by 2017-18.
  • Knowing that total elementary capacity may be reached in several years, attendees asked if there were any plans to add capacity, open an existing school (Hillside) or build a new school. The district’s architects confirmed which schools have space to add capacity, should it be a need in the future.
  • Several attendees said they appreciated how much work was done and trust in the data. However, they felt a need to advocate for keeping their children at Swanson due to the strong connection they have to the school. They are aware of Dixon’s reputation as a great school as well.