November 8 Calendar Committee Meeting Update

The Calendar Committee held its second meeting on November 8th. The agenda focused on the following topics:

1. Analyzing and discussing research from the medical community on the importance of sleep on all aspects of wellness, particularly for our adolescent population. The committee has come to consensus on the fact that sleep is connected to all facets of health and wellness. The care and concern for the overall mental health of our community continues to be a major driver of the work of this committee.

2. Understanding the complexities and issues related to bus transportation schedules and how these will inform and influence options the committee may consider to adjust school day start and end times.

3. Reviewing different school year calendar scenarios and identifying pros and cons of each. Two options involved a school start date on or after September 1. One scenario involved a school start date before September 1, though the likelihood of this being a viable option for 2017-18 is unlikely as the state legislature would need to make that a possibility? through a change in state statute.

4. Prioritizing focus areas for the committee. Through a prioritization exercise, the committee identified the following? as most important?:

  • Investigating alternatives to current school day start and end times;
  • Developing parameters and guidelines to positive?ly? impact the intensity of student schedules (before and after school practices and commitments, homework load);
  • Investigating alternatives to our current Thursday early release structure;
  • Investigating the possibility of scheduling the annual spring break to occur at a consistent time every year and not aligning that with the Easter Holiday.

At the December 7th meeting, the committee will continue to learn about the bus transportation system and its relationship to school day start and end times, continue to vet school year calendar options, and develop surveys for students, families, and staff so as to engage the larger Elmbrook Community in this work.