December 7 Calendar Committee Meeting Update

The Calendar Committee met on December 7. The agenda focused primarily on vetting school year calendar options for both 2017-18 and 2018-19, and on understanding the bus transportation system to determine of adjustments in school day start and end times are feasible. Calendar topics included school year start dates and end dates, the timing of spring breaks, and professional development models (current early release Thursdays or full-day release each month). Surveys will be sent to students, families, and staff at the beginning of January. This feedback will provide the committee with more concrete direction regarding school year calendar preferences.

Bus route options were also presented and analyzed by the committee. A smaller work team will continue to investigate the possibility of changing school day start and end times so that middle school and high school students can start their day later in accordance with strong recommendations from the medical community regarding the sleep needs of these students. A variety of considerations were identified by committee members which continued to illuminate the complexity of this work. The health and wellness of our student body, our faculty, and our community continue to be the driving forces behind these discussions.

The committee will meet next on January 25 when the preferred school year calendars for 2017-18 and 2018-19 will be identified and forwarded to the school board for approval. Survey data from students, families, and staff will also be presented and analyzed.

Please contact Dr. Dana Monogue or Kristin Westrick with questions.