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Alumni Spotlight: Amanda Wiener

Amanda WienerBrookfield East Class of 2009

Amanda Wiener is a Spartan graduate who works for the Philadelphia Eagles and was a part of the 2017 Super Bowl Champion team.

Amanda's Elmbrook journey took her from Dixon Elementary to Pilgrim Park and Brookfield East where she was involved in basketball, soccer, choir, and student council. "In the years since high school, I've realized how well Brookfield East prepared me," said Wiener. "Besides the academia, the discipline and lifestyle that I formed in Elmbrook has helped shape my work ethic that has carried me through my adult life." She thanked Elmbrook staff Andy Farley, Tom Pelkofer, Robert Alcorta, and Amy Jacobson for the big impact they had on her. "They had patience with all students and treated us with the respect of mature adults," Amanda continued. "The sense of community that was fostered between my classmates, teachers, the school and the greater Elmbrook community created an amazing learning environment."

Following her East graduation in 2009, Amanda attended the University of Wisconsin - Madison where she majored in Consumer Affairs with a Marketing emphasis. Her love of sports drew her to join the Sports Business Club and she complemented her academic learning with work in the UW Athletic Department, bringing in speakers, going on network trips, and working Guest Services during various sporting events.

Amanda graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science and a marketing internship with the Green Bay Packers helped kick off her career in sports marketing. Through connections she found a full-time position with the Miami Dolphins as an Account Manager and Partnership Activation and Retention, managing over $10 million in revenue and serving as the primary account manager for over ten corporate partner relationships. In August 2015, Amanda began working in Partnership Activation for the Philadelphia Eagles where she works with team partners on fulfilling their contractual assets and marketing to Eagles fans.

"Winning the Super Bowl with the Eagles in 2017 was a pretty surreal moment," she reflected. "It made all the work to get to this stage in my career worth it." This year, Amanda is helping the Eagles host the second annual Eagles Autism Challenge, a walk and bike event to raise funds for innovation and research to help those with autism.

Today, Amanda lives in Philadelphia and is getting married in June 2019.


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