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Alumni Spotlight: Chrissy Pappas

Chrissy PappasBrookfield Central Class of 2013

Chrissy Pappas is teaching a new generation of students in the District that raised her as an English Language (EL) Teacher at Burleigh Elementary.

Chrissy’s education took her through Swanson Elementary, Wisconsin Hills Middle School, and Brookfield Central High School. Throughout high school, she participated in band, girls soccer, Key Club, and marching band. “Elmbrook Schools prepared me by guiding me to find my unique passion in the education field,” Pappas reflected. “Growing up in a Greek-American family, I have always had a passion for teaching others and establishing English fluency in addition to that of a students’ home language.” Pappas recognized teachers Huel Sanders and Jason Gillette for influencing her to become an educator by building relationships with students from diverse interests and backgrounds. Her experiences through the band program allowed her to participate in unique opportunities and build life-long friendships. 

After graduating from Central in 2013, she attended UW-Milwaukee to pursue a major in Elementary and Middle School Education and minors in Math and English. Chrissy also attained an English as a Second Language certificate and, in the winter of 2017, she graduated from UWM summa cum laude.

Shortly after graduating, Pappas began working in Burleigh Elementary’s English Learner Department. Each day she services English learners entirely in their mainstream classrooms and focuses instruction on reading and writing strategies to help them become proficient English speakers, readers, writers and listeners. “Growing up in Elmbrook Schools has had an immense impact on my instruction and perspective of education,” she reflected. “In Elmbrook, I have always felt my home language and culture were valued by staff and friends in the district.”Chrissy Pappas today

In just her first year in Elmbrook, Pappas was named a finalist for the Engaged in Excellence award for Outstanding New Educator, and created a new program called Culture Grams at Burleigh where students and their families shared their culture with the school through videos and slideshows! Today, Chrissy also volunteers with Student Council to help with the planning and implementation of fundraisers for non-profit organizations throughout the school year. “I love the supportive work environment that allows me to create an atmosphere for children to learn and succeed. I hope that my students have experiences similar to what Elmbrook gave me and are able to find their own unique paths in life as I did.”

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