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Alumni Spotlight: Dan Kolesari

Dan KolesariBrookfield East Class of 2001

Dan Kolesari is a Spartan graduate who has given back to the Elmbrook community through his teaching at Pilgrim Park Middle School.

Dan came to Elmbrook for his freshman year at Brookfield East. While at BE, he was an active participant in student council, played volleyball, and performed with his band, The Medium Charlie. "I appreciated Elmbrook's focus on high levels of student learning," said Kolesari. "The opportunities I was given to succeed in and outside the classroom in sports and extracurriculars were numerous and served as beneficial experiences." He highlighted his teachers: Jeff Ortman (English) and Patrick Coffey (History), a two of the educators that influenced him the most throughout his education.

Dan graduated from Brookfield East in 2001 and continued his education at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee where he earned a degree in Mathematics Education in 2006. He began teaching math in 2006 and taught a range of high school courses from Pre-Algebra to AP Calculus in three different school districts. In 2012, Kolesari received his Master's degree in Educational Technology and during the summer of 2016, he returned to Elmbrook to teach math at Pilgrim Park Middle School.

"I love having the opportunity to make a positive impact on so many students each day and to work alongside the talented and dedicated teachers at PPMS," he reflected. "It feels great to be able to work in the district that had such a positive influence on my life and education. I take great pride in my Elmbrook history and look forward to my own children going through the district."

Today, Dan lives in Brookfield with his wife, Jacque, and their three children. He continues to write and perform music and has released two albums as a solo artist that can be found on YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify.  

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