Alumni Spotlight: Evelyn Werking
Evelyn Werking

Brookfield East Class of 2011

Evelyn Werking has overcome tremendous odds to go from running track at Brookfield East to representing her country as a part of USA Triathlon Team.

The oldest of 4 sisters, Evelyn began in Elmbrook at Tonawanda Elementary and advanced to Pilgrim Park and Brookfield East. During her time at BEHS, Werking was involved in Freshman soccer, National Honor Society, Latin Club, and participated in distance track and field for 3 years and cross country for all 4 years. "I really appreciate that Elmbrook offered multiple opportunities to challenge myself academically," said Werking. "They offered so many college credit courses that helped me prepare well for the expectations of higher education and earn over a semester's worth of credits to save on tuition."

Werking noted two major influences on her academically and athletically, her high school track coach, Briana Boehmer and AP US History teacher, Patrick Coffey. "Mr. Coffey had very high expectations for essay writing and I know that without his patience, guidance, and contagious positive energy toward learning, I wouldn't be in the position I am today," stated Evelyn. "And Coach Boehmer was and continues to be the most influential person in my life. She taught me the balance of sports and academics and taught me patience in my journey. I can't thank them enough."

Coach Boehmer was the first person to notice Evelyn's struggles with iron deficiency and encouraged her to see a doctor. "She's one of the best amateur triathletes in the world, and she helped to teach me patience with my body in light of my anemia," reflected Werking. "Boehmer has had a strong impact on me through the years and continues to be my coach today. I can't thank her enough for believing in me and helping me achieve my dreams."

In 2011, Evelyn graduated from Brookfield East and continued her education at Marquette University. She started college looking to participate in long-distance running, which eventually made her anemia worse. Looking for a change, Werking started participating on the Marquette triathlon team and loved the team atmosphere and endurance aspects without the rigorous distance of a marathon. She decided to focus her energy on her training and in 2015, Evelyn qualified for Team USA!

Werking competed in the ITU World Championships in Cozumel, Mexico in 2016 and after recovering from a torn meniscus, competed again in Rotterdam, Netherlands in 2017. In the Netherlands, Evelyn placed 23rd in the world with a new personal record. "Representing our country has been an incredible blessing and I feel so honored to wear the stars and stripes," she stated.

During Werking's Junior year pursuing her Bachelor's Degree in Speech-Language Pathology, she was accepted in the Accelerated Degree Program that allowed her to begin taking graduate classes during her Senior year. She was able to graduate summa cum laude with her Speech Language Pathology Master's in just 5 years.

After graduate school, Evelyn knew she wanted to work for Elmbrook, and in 2016, she began as a Speech Pathologist for 3rd-5th grade at Burleigh Elementary. "Helping any student feel successful and competent has been a goal of mine as I give back to the district," Werking reflected. "I want every student to have the opportunity to be successful, regardless of disabilities. Being able to provide students with a means of communication that will improve their overall quality of life makes all of the time and work worth it."

While working at Elmbrook, Evelyn and her colleagues, Harry Rosa, and Shannon Balke have started a running club before and after school at Burleigh to foster a love for running and living an active lifestyle in their students. In January 2017, she began coaching girls distance track at Brookfield East with her boyfriend and fellow Spartan alum, David Luy.

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