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Alumni Spotlight: Tyler Galganski & Dave Hibler

Left to Right: Tyler Galganski and Dave HiblerBrookfield Central Class of 2003

Tyler Galganski and Dave Hibler are best friends and fellow Brookfield Central graduates who teamed up to create Forever Lazy, a pioneer in adult onesies and the #1 provider for one-piece pajamas for adults and children in the world!

Tyler's Elmbrook journey took him from Dixon to Wisconsin Hills and Brookfield Central, and Dave attended a Brookfield parochial school from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade before coming to Brookfield Central. While at Brookfield Central, Dave played football his freshman year, was the editor of the yearbook his senior year, and was an active member of Student Council and the National Honor Society (NHS). Hibler stated, "My teachers were incredibly invested in my success and truly cared about my progress. A couple of my teachers even went on to become personal friends that I still have to this day!"

Tyler played soccer his first two years at Central and was also an active member of the Student Council, NHS, and yearbook. "I appreciated how much Elmbrook prepared me for college and life. The workload and stress of the college environment wasn't too overwhelming thanks to my experience at Central," said Galganski. Tyler and Dave were frequent guests on the morning announcements where they wrote funny skits for various school organizations. Both of them highlighted their Spanish teacher, Sandra Aslakson, as their favorite teacher and one that left an impact on them.

Following their graduation from Central, they both attended the University of Wisconsin - Madison where Tyler majored in Economics and Legal Studies and Dave majored in Economics and Sociology. While attending UW, they were both members of Alpha Delta Phi fraternity and Dave served a term as President of the chapter. They both graduated from Madison in December of 2007.

After working for a couple different companies, Dave & Tyler founded Forever Lazy in 2009 as a response to their disappointment in not being able to find a quality adult one-piece pajama. "It was the perfect opportunity to work for ourselves and to make our work our passion - laziness and comfort!" reflected Hibler. In late 2010, Forever Lazy formed a partnership with an infomercial company, allowing them to bring their adult onesies to the thousands of viewers. "By 2011, we had placement in nearly every major retailer in the US and our product had appeared on The Today Show, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Colbert Report, CNN, and many more," stated Galganski.

Their infomercial contract ended in 2013 and they took their business back in-house, relaunching their website and going Tyler and Dave today in their pajamas back into onesie production for themselves. Since then, they've added lines in heavyweight onesies, children's, and adult bathrobes. "We enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with being our own boss," they said. "Having complete ownership of the successes, failures, health and direction of our business is an enriching and empowering experience."

Today, Dave is Chief Sultan of Sweet and Tyler is the Chief Emperor Awesome for Forever Lazy. Both are involved in Variety, a Wisconsin children's charity that benefits kids with disabilities, and they annually donate onesies to various Milwaukee-based organizations that aid the homeless.

To date, Forever Lazy has sold over one million of their exceptionally comfortable onesies. Check out their product at foreverlazy.com.

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(Both images, left to right: Tyler Galganski & Dave Hibler)